Celebrating 34 Years of Trusted Business in Colorado.

Thanks to all of our loyal customers we’ve been house painting here in Denver, CO for 34 Years.
We’ve perfected our painting process. We are locally owned and family operated and our paint jobs come with a warranty we know holds true in time.

Expert Quality Interior Painting in Denver, Colordo

Does the cold weather have you staying inside and contemplating a change of scenery? Tri-Plex Painting at Tri-PlexPainting.com has you covered. We all know that remodeling your house can be a pain but did you know that a fresh paint job is the most cost effective way to brighten up your home? Here at Tri-Plex Painting we have expertly trained employees that have been leaving customers satisfied for 31 years. In the pictures above we have a custom home in the Denver, CO area. The first picture is a hand stained railing that involved using two different types of stain to bring out the natural color of the wood. The second picture is custom painted wainscoting that was sprayed very meticulously to ensure an even coat. Here at Tri-Plex Painting we will treat your home as if it is own, for free estimates visit us at www.Tri-PlexPainting.com. When only the best will do, contact Tri-Plex Painting at www.Tri-PlexPainting.com.

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