Celebrating 34 Years of Trusted Business in Colorado.

Thanks to all of our loyal customers we’ve been house painting here in Denver, CO for 34 Years.
We’ve perfected our painting process. We are locally owned and family operated and our paint jobs come with a warranty we know holds true in time.

Expert Interior Remodel

Are you looking for an upgrade to the interior of your home? Tri-Plex Painting has you covered in the Denver Metro area. Tri-Plex Paintng has been doing interior remodels for 31 years and our expertly trained employees will go through every step necessary to make sure the customer is satisfied. In the pictures above we have a staircase and railing re-paint in the Denver, CO area. The first picture on the left shows the before of the previously stained wood and sanded down railings. The middle picture shows a bonding primer that was used so that no stain will bleed through after the final coat is added. Also in the middle picture you can see expert floor taping that is done in order to caulk and peel the tape for an exceptionally straight line. The third picture shows the final product of the stairs and railing and would you look at that shine! Without the necessary steps taken before hand by the Tri-Plex Painting employees the re-paint would not have fully covered and the previous stain would have bled through. Here at Tri-Plex Painting we do not take any shortcuts, we take pride in our work and in the final outcome. To receive a free estimate and schedule your future interior remodel visit www.Tri-PlexPainting.com.

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