Celebrating 30 Years of Trusted Business in Colorado

Thanks to all of our loyal customers we’ve been house painting here in Denver, CO for 30 Years

The Painting Dream Team

We have three job foremen that have worked for us for totaling 66 years of experience. They have 6, 15 and 20 years of service with tri-plex Painting, Inc. We pride ourselves in treating our employees the same way we treat our customers. With this continuing philosophy we ensure a good working environment for our employees that take pride in their work. Presently all of our employees have work with us for not less then two years and average 7 years of experience with us.

tri plex painting team

Jeff Lukens

Jeff Lukens, President – Started painting in 1986. During my first years of painted I started as a person who performed all the preparation that was needed prior to painting. After perfecting the preparation process I learned how to protect all areas with masking paper, plastic, drops ect. It was my job to make sure everything was protected. In 1987 I was promoted to painting. I worked on hand painting all trim work. In 1988 I was promoted to sprayer. I learned how to paint all types of siding. After learning each phase of the painting process I Started my business Tri-plex Painting, Inc. January 27th 1989. As a professional painting contractor I have used my knowledge of knowing each important phase of the painting process to produce high quality painting at competitive prices.

Brad Nilles

Brad Nilles is also a High School friend from Dubuque, Iowa. Brad has worked as a full time employee for Tri-plex Painting, Inc Since 1993. Brad is a leader in our company for customer service and often times a receive letters of appreciation regarding Brad’s ability to work with our customers.

Hector Martinez Ramirez

Hector Martinez Ramirez has worked as a full time employee of Tri-plex painting since 2002. Hector as learned each phase of the painting process and is a leader in our company. Hector is efficient in his work organization and high quality application. From painting exterior homes to painting straight lines and rolling walls with no roller marks on our interior projects. Hector is one of our working foremen who have brought consistency to our company.

Jose Martinez Ramirez

Jose Martinez Ramirez began working as a full time employee with Tri-plex painting a long with his brother in 2002. Jose has been incredible reliable. From starting projects on time each and every day to finishing the projects in a timely manner. Jose has learned and mastered each phase of the painting process on all phases of painting.

Alberto Sojo

Alberto Sojo has worked as a full time employee of Tri-plex Painting since 2007. Alberto is a hard work worker and leads by example. Alberto has also learned each phase of the painting process the same way I did. He started as a preparation guy who through each phase of the painting process and now is a sprayer in our company. Alberto is reliable and performs each phase of the painting process to achieve the highest standards.

Zach Lukens

Zach Lukens has worked with Tri-plex Painting for only a few months. Zach has moved from our home town of Dubuque, Iowa to learn a trade and experience a new city. Zach is eager to learn and brings the Midwestern work ethic with him which helped get our company started.