Celebrating 34 Years of Trusted Business in Colorado.

Thanks to all of our loyal customers we’ve been house painting here in Denver, CO for 34 Years.
We’ve perfected our painting process. We are locally owned and family operated and our paint jobs come with a warranty we know holds true in time.

updating stain color with out stripping old finish in this Cherry Hills home.


This beautiful wood wainscoting with built in cabinets and bookshelves in this Cherry Hills home was updated to a new contemporary color. The room is first protected using plastic and drop clothes to keep areas that are being finished free from dust and finish materials. Then the clear finish is sanded down almost completely. The wood is then cleaned and the new stain color is applied. When the stain cures a sealer and lacquer finish is applied to create a new quality finish. Tri-plex Painting, Inc. has been performing quality interior finishes for over 27 years. Quality materials and our experienced employees can create a unique change in your home with out the high cost and mess of a complete stripping process.

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